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I'm still in shock about the amount of change that occurred in less than two weeks.
Rudy, Orlando FL
Rudy, Orlando FL

When you try something new and don’t get the results you anticipated, you’re left feeling hopeless and defeated. This is especially true when it comes to making fitness and healthy nutrition part of your lifestyle. Maybe you feel as though you’ve tried it all: crash diets that tell you to “eat this much” or cut out all the foods you love.

Back-breaking exercise regimens that require more time than you’re willing or able to commit. Magic pills that tout extreme fat-burning, energy-boosting properties. All of these fads promise a surefire path to a fitter, healthier you. Yet these approaches are unrealistic and always lead to a sense of failure and guilt. It’s enough to make you want to give up.

Our approach

We Get It, And We’re Here To Help.

Z Fit’s approach isn’t about restricting yourself with low-carb diets and false nutrition, punishing yourself for “cheating” or feeling guilty when life gets in the way of your workout routine. We hate diet and workout programs that make you feel as though you need to give up your adult card, eliminate your favorite foods and spend hours in the gym. It’s completely unrealistic when your life is constantly changing. Rather, we believe in learning how to integrate healthy habits into the life you’re already living — venturing outside your comfort zone one step at a time, then watching as the positive effects of those habits trickle into every aspect of your life.

Imagine walking into an important meeting feeling at the top of your game — not just because you look great, but because you feel great, too. Imagine having more energy to adopt a new active hobby…or reacquaint yourself with a sport you once had to give up. Imagine setting a positive, long-lasting example of healthy habits for your children. 

Whether it’s personal relationships or professional success, how you approach life begins with how you feel about yourself. Z Fit teaches you the fundamental changes you need to make to transform your body — but more importantly, to reclaim the confidence and self-empowerment that ultimately leads to better quality of life.


Our Coaches

Dedicated, world-class coaches to guide

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You don’t need another coach selling you some run-of-the-mill fitness package or training plan — and that’s not what you get with Z Fit. Yes, our coaches bring top-notch fitness and nutrition expertise to the table, but they’re also world-class motivators. Each is solely focused on customizing your journey to fit your lifestyle. That includes giving you personalized encouragement based on what drives you.


They’ll be with you every step of the way, equipping you with the knowledge, resources and support you need to reach your goals. They’ll also work closely with you to examine your current habits and ensure your custom nutrition and workout plan adapts to your needs as they change.

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