Alpha Fit

A proven 90-day program developed for men’s health and fitness.

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Our most popular offering engineered specifically for men’s health. Alpha Fit will transform your body and your mindset in 90 days with a nutrition and workout plan tailored to your goals, priorities and lifestyle.
Dedicated Coach and 24/7 Support
You’ll receive 24/7 chat support to keep you motivated and accountable, plus weekly check-ins with a dedicated male coach who can tweak your eating and workout routine as your needs change. Your custom plan works in conjunction with our Fit Mento app, so you can stay on track effortlessly wherever you are.
Educational Hub
You’ll also enjoy access to our Educational Hub. It features all kinds of tools to empower your transformation — including thousands of how-to exercise clips, a workout schedule of live-streamed fitness classes, resources on wellness living and a community of like-minded achievers.
A Healthier, More Balanced Lifestyle
Not only will you see physical results — you’ll also begin to reap the long-term benefits of living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle without sacrificing the things you love. Whether it’s Friday-night beers with the boys, an unpredictable work schedule or weekend getaways with the family, we’ll build an effective plan that lets you keep your “adult card” and accommodates all your non-negotiables.
100% Money Back Guaranteed

Results or your money back - guaranteed

We promise you’ll achieve your goals in 90 days if you follow your custom Alpha

Fit plan closely, or we’ll refund your investment - plus $100 for your time.

What Our Clients Say About Us
The program is allowing me to change my lifestyle in ways that mean the results will be there for a long period of time.
Jason, Columbus OH
Jason, Columbus OH
Education Hub
Z Fit Lifestyle Education Hub
Explore fact-packed articles, healthy recipes, diet and exercise guides and countless other resources to complement your transformation and help you stay on top of your goals.
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